Email Marketing, Pt. 4: The Most Popular Platforms For Viewing Email Campaigns

You may not realize it at first, but the way in which people view your Email Campaign can greatly impact what your message needs to look like to be effective.

Today, we're going to take a look at some of the most popular email clients & platforms being used to view Email Marketing Campaigns from around the Internet. We're also going to look at some different methods in which you may capitalize on this information. Some of these truths may be what you were expecting, but we're going to throw a few factual curve balls at you too, so get ready!

Marketing To Mobile Users

Studies show that in the last year and a half, mobile devices became the primary method for users to view their emails. In 2011, there were more smartphones purchased than PC's. As you continue to hone your campaigning craft, this is the most important revelation you need to be aware of, as this can have a rather drastic impact on the look and feel of your messages.

Given this truth, you must craft your campaigns to suit the desktop user as well as the mobile user. In fact, research shows that the majority of people who read their emails now, do so either in bed, directly before or after a night of sleep, or in a public place like the bus stop or at the coffeeshop. What do you think attention spans are like in this state?

As mentioned earlier in this series, it is almost always preferable to ere on the side of less is more, and this information validates that. With so many emails constantly pouring into an individual's inbox, you may not have much time. Personal and business emails are almost always filtered into the same area, which means the pockets of your targets are constantly buzzing.

This isn't to say that you should do away with sleek designs and good-looking graphics if you can get away with it. But you absolutely must not focus or rely on this too heavily. It all comes back to content. Polish your words as much as you can – make the body of your text engaging, informative, and fun.

What's more, it seems that people who view emails on their mobile devices like to share things they find interesting. A lot of folks will forward emails to their friends, or they may even post it to their Twitter or Facebook. Encouraging them to share is always a good idea.

Desktop Clients

Despite the influx of smartphones into the marketplace, there are still a good handful of people who do the bulk of their messaging from their desk at the office. For some industries, this might be the majority of the target market. If that's the case, you should be aware that Outlook is the second leading email client.

Note that this is different from web-based clients like Yahoo! And Gmail (which we'll get to) – Outlook is its own application that plays by its own set of rules. Keep this in mind as you design your emails. The sleek look and feel of a well-crafted HTML design can absolutely be effective if done properly. But building an HTML email for Outlook isn't like building something for the web. Microsoft has shaken things up a bit, and the rules for what will look good have changed.

By all means, take advantage of this if you need to. You can reach a lot of people by specifically targeting those who use Outlook. Just remember that doing so requires patience and persistence. You will need to frequently check these messages using Outlook, making sure that everything looks as it ought to; you may not be able to get away with some of the fancier HTML capabilities.

Test your designs regularly.

Web-Based Platforms

Finally, coming in third place, are the myriad of web-based platforms out there. The three most popular of these are Apple Mail, Yahoo!, and Gmail.

There are a lot of small mistakes to be made when utilizing this platform. One of the most common oopsy-daisies is making forwarding lists, or CC'ing a single message to the entire client base. This can cause some problems. If one person replies to the message, your entire client base will see it. This is to say nothing of how unprofessional and impersonal it looks.

Luckily, when you craft your Email Marketing Campaign through your HDM custom website, it will send out a single, unique message to every one of your clients individually.


It can be challenging to try to appease all of these platforms simultaneously. Your best bet is to let your Email Campaign reflect your target market. Who are you trying to reach out to, and how do they most likely view their emails? The design will change from one email client to the next. Having said that, always remember: content is king.

If you're thinking of beginning a campaign, and looking for a good place to start, we recommend checking out the earlier posts in this series.

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Or, if you have any specific questions or queries, please call or Contact Us today. We've been designing Email Marketing Campaigns for years, and have seen all of the different trends come and go. We can not only help you discover your target market, we can help you craft the perfect campaign for it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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