Using Images To Increase Conversion Rates

Believe it or not, images on your website are one of the most important factors toward closing on a call-to-action. When used correctly, images allow you to make a more human connection with your target audience. Images allow one to experience your website, rather than just browse it. At the end of the day, the research speaks for itself:

Images = Conversions.

This is true for the same reason that television commercials aren't just blocks of text. Whatever your product, you want to convey the emotion that using your product will provide – whether it's happiness, pride, or relaxation, images can make your audience feel in a way that words simply cannot.

We recommend images throughout every page of your site, but particularly on the call-to-action page. Images of people often have a particularly strong effect toward creating empathy and human connection with your business and product.

When in doubt, bigger is better. The simple act of increasing your image sizes could improve your conversion rates by almost 10%! A larger image with a description in the roll-over will almost always outperform the same image, smaller and crowded by the description text. Whether it's a picture of your product or someone using your product, you'll do well when you let it dominate their attention.

Finally, be very aware of stock images like this one.

Everyone knows that's not your team. Unless there's a professional photographer on the payroll, almost everybody uses stock images. This means that if you choose poorly, you'll end up with the same images as your competitors, or worse, your beautiful website will start to look tacky, cheap, and inhuman. Choose your photos intelligently – get the good ones, even if they cost a little extra.

For websites with a call-to-action, images are highly recommended. Let yourself have a little fun with it, and your potential customers with probably have fun, too.

Here at Hazel Digital Media, we can help you find the perfect pictures for your custom design website.Contact Us to get started growing your conversion rates today!

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