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How To Locate An Individual In Your CRM

Hazel Digital Media Admin - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Begin by logging into the backend of your website, accessed via yourdomainname.com/admin. Enter your username and password to get in.

Once inside, you'll land on your Dashboard. Refer to the long, vertical toolbar on the left. You should see a button that says CRM. Upon clicking this, a drop-down menu will appear. Here you can look at a list of all of the customers in your database by clicking Customers, and you can review the details of previous Orders and Cases by clicking their respective buttons. However, if you have a specific individual in mind, click the button that says Search.

On the page that follows, simply leave the Customers bubble checked, and begin typing. The CRM will automatically go through the list of contacts that you have added manually, as well as the names that have been added organically through E-Commerce orders, blog activity, and so on. When you find the name you're looking for, give it a click.

Here you'll be presented with quite a bit of information, from contact details, to order history, website activity, and even their reaction to Email Newsletter Campaigns. 

This information is nice to have when building a business relationship with your clients, and it is invaluable when observing patterns, measuring analytics, and planning for the future. By observing an individual customer's reaction to an email newsletter, you can quantify what works and what doesn't. 

We've got a lot of good tips coming your way in the near future right here on this blog on how to craft great Email Newsletter Campaigns. So stay tuned as we continue, and make sure you are utilizing your CRM along the way to create the best possible relationship with your customers, and ultimately get the most out of your HDM custom website.

For more information on the wide-reaching functions of your custom website's backend, please Call or Contact Us today.

When you build a custom website with Hazel Digital Media, you are given the opportunity to utilize a comprehensive customer database, referred to as customer relationship management, a critical facet of any growing business. Here in the digital age, it's easier than ever to track your customer's wants, needs, and habits, and thereby predict patterns in your business. 

The CRM provided to you through your HDM custom website even allows you to review the data of specific individuals. By locating a specific user in your backend, you can keep track of their online store orders, blog comments, contact forms, and email newsletter engagement, to name a few.

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