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Social Media Icons are an Exit Sign for Your Website

In today's world, boosting your web presence means not only having a custom website, but rolling up your sleeves and digging into a little social media as well. Working the two in tandem is a subtle art. ..

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Things That No Website Should Have, Ever.

We all know how quickly the web changes. What seems like a good idea today can turn obsolete before you know it. ..

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Web Design: 2016's Biggest Hits, and What to Look For in 2017

It sure is a whole new world, isn't it? It seems like a short amount of time to have come such a long way from the dial-up days, and pages that looked like this:  ..

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Email Configuration Guide for iOS

For most custom websites HDM creates, you get your very own email that uses the url of your custom site (name@yourdomainname.com). This quick tutorial will promptly show you how to set up email on your iPhone using iOS. ..

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Configuration of Your Email Client

This guide explains how to configure your Microsoft Outlook 2010 to access your email account. ..

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Email Configuration Guide for iOS 6 on iPhone

In this tutorial, you will learn how to how to configure your iPhone to access your email account.

This tutorial was created using a iPhone 4G running iOS 4.0. If you are using different hardware or a different OS version, these instructions may differ.

The domain example.com is used throughout this guide as a substitute for your domain name. If your domain is johnsmith.com, use johnsmith.com in place of example.com.  ..

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How To Create an Email Account

When you build a site with HDM, you get access to one of the most sophisticated content management systems currently available. Getting an ideal email arrangement couldn't be easier, as we're about to show you.

First, simply log in to the backend of your website by going to www.yourdomain.com/admin, and entering your log in information.

Once inside, refer to the menu on the left of the screen. Click Site Settings > E-Mail Accounts.

From here, you'll see an overview of the current email arrangement associated with your website. To create a new email user, click

New Email Account.

On this screen, enter the new email address exactly how you want it, followed by the first and last name associated with it, as well as your default email. Once you click 'Save,' you'll get an activation email sent to your default address that will allow you to finish the process, and create a password for your new address.

How To Add An Email Alias

From this same page, you can also add an email alias. Email aliases make it possible to view and manage the emails of multiple addresses, all from the same inbox. If your current inbox is set up for you@yourdomain.com, it's possible for you to simultaneously view emails coming in for info@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, contact@yourdomain.com, etc.

Simply click Add Email Alias, and enter the address(es) you would like to receive emails for.

We hope you found this a helpful 'How-To.' When you create a custom website with Hazel Digital Media, we equip you with all of the tools you'll need to take your online business above and beyond.

For more information on arranging the perfect email situation, or to find out more about the many tools in your toolkit, feel free to Contact Us anytime.

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Fresh Ideas in Web Design for 2015

Many business owners create their website with hopes that it will last for decades. In reality, web technologies are constantly changing and evolving. As web technologies evolve, the average ‘shelf-life’ of a website tends to be around 3-5 years. Below are some of the recent changes in website design that business owners should be aware of for 2015. ..

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Hard Refresh Vs. Normal Refresh

To override your cache and perform a hard refresh, press Ctrl+F5. If you use a Mac press: Command+R. ..

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The Official HDM Color Guide

Do you ever notice how when people are sad, they say they're feeling blue? Or when they're angry, they say that they're seeing red? When it comes to visuals, colors are never random. Going back through the history of painting, cinema, and of course, marketing, you better believe that every single pigment is given a great deal of consideration. ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 4: The Most Popular Platforms For Viewing Email Campaigns

You may not realize it at first, but the way in which people view your Email Campaign can greatly impact what your message needs to look like to be effective. ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 3: Promoting Your Posts

When you write and publish awesome content on your blog, good things will come your way.” – Nicholas Whitmore ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 2: Generating Quality Ideas Over Time

Last time we talked about The basic guidelines for how to write a good blog post. Hopefully you found our tips from the previous post helpful, and hopefully those itchy fingers of yours have been buzzing with blog euphoria. ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 1: A Few Basic Guidelines

Blogging isn't about publishing as much as you can, it's about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow ..

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How To Add An Image To Your Email Marketing Campaign

Creating a good-looking, hard-working Email Marketing Campaign has never been easier. When you create a custom website through Hazel Digital Media, you'll find that creating a sleek and effective campaign can be done over the course of a few quick, guided steps. ..

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Email Configuration Guide for Android 4.0

For most custom websites HDM creates, you get your very own email that uses the url of your custom site (name@yourdomainname.com). This quick tutorial will promptly show you how to set up email on Android 4.0. ..

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How To Change Your Admin Password

We'd like to take a quick moment to tell you how to change the password that logs you into the backend of your website. This password is a commodity, and should be treated like one, as it grants you access to all of the content, analytics, and critical information of your business's online presence. There are a number of reasons why one might wish to change their password, but ultimately, if you feel like the security of your site could be compromised at any time, it's a good idea to go ahead and change it. Luckily, every custom website that Hazel Digital Media creates uses the same, state-of-the-art technology, so making quick fixes like this is no sweat. ..

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How to Check Order Details

When you build a custom website with Hazel Digital Media, you don't just get yourself a pretty website. What visitors see is only the tip of the iceberg. You are also getting your hands on today's most sophisticated admin console, meaning the backend of your website – what you see – is lush with all of the tools you'll need to stay organized, measure analytics, and ultimately grow your client base. ..

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How to Redirect/Forward Email

To forward your email address to another email address you need to log in to your webmail console at http://mail.yourdomain.com and then go to Settings > Mail in the left side menu, type in the email address you want to forward to, inside Forwarding field and Save.
See the following screenshot: ..

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Data Center Migration - Your Action Required!

We are migrating all sites and infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services platform. Important DNS changes are required on your behalf by June 20 at the latest in order for your sites to remain online, and we’re aiming for the actual migration to take play in late June. ..

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How to Add a Blog Post

Start by logging into the backend of your site, by going to yourdomain.com/admin, and log in by entering your username (email) & password and you're in. Once inside the Content Management System, you'll see a long set of navigation buttons on the left side.  ..

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How To View Reports

One of the greatest parts about building your website with HDM is that you get access to one of the most informative and user-friendly Analytics & Reports tools available. Learn everything about how your site's doing out there in cyberspace. These days, it's critical for every business to stay in the know – keep reading, and we'll show you how. ..

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How To Create And Send An Email Marketing Campaign

An Email Marketing Campaign is a great way to update loyal clients, reach out to new ones, and ultimately boost your SEO rating. An Email Newsletter can be sent to your entire customer database at some future date with just a few clicks – follow these simple steps below, and you'll be on your way in no time. ..

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How To Edit Webpages on Your HDM Site

Editing your web pages with HDM couldn't be easier. When you need to make quick changes to the content, touch up the text, or just make sure that everything looks and feels pristine, you're just a few clicks away. Just follow these easy steps below, and you'll be a webmaster in no time. ..

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