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Social Media Icons are an Exit Sign for Your Website

In today's world, boosting your web presence means not only having a custom website, but rolling up your sleeves and digging into a little social media as well. Working the two in tandem is a subtle art. ..

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Things That No Website Should Have, Ever.

We all know how quickly the web changes. What seems like a good idea today can turn obsolete before you know it. ..

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Successful E-Commerce

Giving your custom designed website an e-commerce function can be a great way to extend your brand and increase revenue. There's no reason your online image can't double as a storefront as well.  ..

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5 Things To Know About Email Marketing

The electronic newsletter is the tried and true method for staying in touch with old clients and stirring up business with new ones. Today there is an estimated 2.5 billion active email users, with 91% checking their inbox every day! Ooh la la... ..

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Fresh Ideas in Web Design for 2015

Many business owners create their website with hopes that it will last for decades. In reality, web technologies are constantly changing and evolving. As web technologies evolve, the average ‘shelf-life’ of a website tends to be around 3-5 years. Below are some of the recent changes in website design that business owners should be aware of for 2015. ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 6: The Power of the Automated Newsletter

Newsletters are great for generating interest in your company, driving traffic to your site, and keeping your loyals updated on the goings-on of your operation. If you can learn to effectively automate your newsletters, you can do all of this while saving yourself a heaping amount of time. And as business owners, what could be better than more time? ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 5: Making Use of Open Rates & Click-Through Rates

By now, you've scoured the Internet, collecting the best practices and tactics for your Email Marketing Campaign; you've written the perfect message for the perfect audience, and you've sent your work out into cyberspace. Now it's time to see just how fruitful the product of your labor is, using the in-depth Analytics & Reports toolbelt that came with your HDM custom website. ..

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The Official HDM Color Guide

Do you ever notice how when people are sad, they say they're feeling blue? Or when they're angry, they say that they're seeing red? When it comes to visuals, colors are never random. Going back through the history of painting, cinema, and of course, marketing, you better believe that every single pigment is given a great deal of consideration. ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 4: The Most Popular Platforms For Viewing Email Campaigns

You may not realize it at first, but the way in which people view your Email Campaign can greatly impact what your message needs to look like to be effective. ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 3: Promoting Your Posts

When you write and publish awesome content on your blog, good things will come your way.” – Nicholas Whitmore ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 2: Generating Quality Ideas Over Time

Last time we talked about The basic guidelines for how to write a good blog post. Hopefully you found our tips from the previous post helpful, and hopefully those itchy fingers of yours have been buzzing with blog euphoria. ..

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How To Write A Good Blog, Pt. 1: A Few Basic Guidelines

Blogging isn't about publishing as much as you can, it's about publishing as smart as you can.” – Jon Morrow ..

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What Does Your Website Say About Your Business?

Oh, the times, they are a-changin'. As a boy, I recall that when my father wanted to drum up some business, all he had to do was put his picture in the yellow pages. But now the year is 2014, and if you haven't got a website, you could be missing out on more than a few potential clients. ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 2: Subject Line Research

Welcome to Round 2! If you, like many, find yourself dipping your toes into the vast ocean of email marketing, but aren't quite sure how to begin, then never fear – you've come to the right place. In our last segment on Email Marketing , we gave some do's, some dont's, and some good practices when it comes to crafting the perfect Subject Line. Today, we'd like to expand on that by observing and comparing some of the best and worst out there. You may be surprised at what you see. ..

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Importance of Logo Design

Today, there are more businesses trying to sell their services and push their products than ever before. In such a grand sea of competition, it may difficult to think how one may set themselves apart and grab the attention of the consumers who could truly benefit. One surprisingly effective answer to this dilemma is the creation and distribution of a well-designed logo. ..

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Email Marketing, Pt. 1: The Subject Line

Welcome to the digital age! Never has there been a better time to get your message to the masses, or to place your product in the hands of target markets. Only one problem: greater amounts of information = greatly lowered attention spans. Don't worry, you've come to the right place, and this post is going to teach you how to pack a punch with your messages, and perfect the art of Email Marketing. ..

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How To Create And Send An Email Marketing Campaign

An Email Marketing Campaign is a great way to update loyal clients, reach out to new ones, and ultimately boost your SEO rating. An Email Newsletter can be sent to your entire customer database at some future date with just a few clicks – follow these simple steps below, and you'll be on your way in no time. ..

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Why Your Website and Blog Should be Integrated

It is common for many organizations to have a company blog. However, many companies have a blog that is completely separate from their corporate website. Meaning, a company will have a website on one domain name (yourcompany.com), then have their blog hosted on a completely different domain and site (companyblog.wordpress.com).    ..

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Why You Shouldn't Use Outlook, Hotmail, GMail or other email account/packages for Email Marketing Campaigns.

You risk getting your domain blacklisted
Sending attachments or graphics, or email content your customers and prospects did not request risks you being blacklisted. This is a serious issue for small businesses as your domain name normally matches your website and entire brand (if your domain name does not match your website and entire brand, you need to quit reading this and call us immediately).

Legal Reasons
Anti-spam laws state that you must offer a simple ability for the recipient to unsubscribe from your Email Newsletter. When business do not utilize a proper email marketing platform, the ability for the recipient to unsubscribe is non-existent.

When you're not using a proper email marketing platform, there are no metrics to measure your efforts and response. This is a 'blast and hope' scenario with no analytics to backup your effort. Thus, you have no data to base any type of follow-up marketing activities.

Design Considerations
When you're not using a proper email marketing platform, it is next to impossible to obtain a professional-looking design. The poor design poses a challenge to maintaing the integrity of your brand. Also, when not using a proper email marketing platform, your graphics can get caught in spam filters, so your true message is never delivered.

Administrative Nightmare
When you're not using a proper email marketing platform, each time an email address bounces back, this bounce will land in your inbox. This causes you to have to manually clean your email list, which is not efficient, you and your team have better things to do during the course of the day.

Also, you must carefully monitor unsubscribe requests, good email marketing platform handles this for you through an automated system.

So, in the end, all of this adds up to serious issues. When making an attempt to do an email marketing campaign without a proper platform, you'll end up spending more time than necessary for a result that is unprofessional and ineffective. Its a no brainer to contact us so we can assist you with your online goals. ..

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Is Your Business Website Still Breathing

These days, you can't afford not to have a website.  Most people, organizations and businesses have some sort of web presence out there. Alot of them are basically "online brochures" so to speak. Essentially they have information about a company that just sits on the web hoping people will find it and read it.  Most businesses get their website up with some information about their company and call it good.  Got a website?  Check.  Now forget about it for years.  ..
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