Google Ads Creation & Management

Google Ads Creation & Management

When you need to rapidly drive a high volume of traffic to your website, you need a digital media partner who can help you tap into the power of Google. Our Google advertising services will position your campaign for success.

Get In Front Of Your Customers

Advertising through Google gives you lots of visibility and exposure on Google Search results pages (SERPs), Google affiliate websites, and more. On your own, the options can be overwhelming. We’ll help you put together a winning strategy.

  1. Target Your Customers

    What are they looking for? We consult with you to generate a list of keywords that are relevant to your business, then carefully research them to determine the best search terms to target.

  2. Choose Your Ad Type

    How will customers experience your ad? Part of the strategy involves choosing the best ad type: text, image, video, shopping, or app ad, which appear to target customers in different ways.

  3. Create Your Campaign

    Without guidance, it’s easy to overspend on Google campaigns. We’ll help you set a reasonable budget with spending limits in place to ensure a manageable spend with a strong ROI potential.

  4. Monitor & Maintain

    “Set it and forget it” is a recipe for regret. Google’s algorithm changes often, abruptly changing the rules of game. We monitor the changes and adjust your campaign as needed to keep you on track.

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