5 Reasons Why You Need A Blog

The plain truth is that blogs are just good for business. Year after year, the inertia of the internet has proven this fact. An active blog drives customers to you, and serves to polish your brand in the digital marketplace.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Keywords have been, and continue to be the building blocks of SEO. Blogs are a fun and easy way to saturate your site with the right keywords. More importantly, the spiders of the search engines like crawling on fresh, new pages, and updating your blog puts your site perpetually back into orbit.

Finally, if you're able to get a really rockin' blog going, you can have other sites regularly linking to your posts. Links back to your web site are the ultimate weapon in the game of Search Engine Optimization, so it's worthwhile not only having a blog, put putting a little love into it as well.

2. Writing The Industry Handbook

You would consider yourself a professional in your field, wouldn't you? When you write blog posts that contain useful, valuable information, you have the power of immediately providing insightful answers to those in need. This serves to set you apart, and establish your brand as someone with unique expertise.

As your blog continues to mature, it will inevitably become a comprehensive resource, covering an extensive range of topics. Over time, a quality blog can turn into a true business primer. Then you can tell people you literally wrote the book on your industry!

3. Social Media

These days, having an online presence extends beyond just having a beautiful website. The internet has become a living environment, teeming with activity. Today's businessperson is expected to be part of the ongoing interaction.

Blogs are an easy way to stay involved. Better yet, they allow you to cultivate the conversation on your own terms. When making a blog post, it helps to ask the right questions, and invite your readers to be involved in the discussion. You can grow the talking circle by sharing every post to Facebook or Twitter.

4. Start a Dialogue With Your Customers

Every successful business needs quality customer service. As a consequence of the internet age, it can be difficult to put a personal touch on what you're doing. Online consumers can understandably feel alienated with all that cyberspace between you and them.

By blogging often, and then merging that with your social media, you're not only starting a group discussion, you're also inviting people into individual conversation. Whether they're mere comments or important questions, you're creating an avenue for customers to reach you directly. And if potential clients notice how responsive you are on social media, you can bet they'll feel pretty comfortable contacting you.

5. Create A Call-To-Action

A company that consistently creates quality content is likely to hook more new customers than one who remains stagnant. Whether online users are looking for an answer to a question, or they secretly feel like making an impulse purchase, blog posts undeniably create an opportunity to convert clicks into new business.

Whatever your products or services are, you can talk about them from many different angles. Don't be afraid to use your blog to push a certain item. Many online purchases happen after having read about it on a blog.


We can all agree that the internet has become an ever-increasing database of useful information. But to be honest, it's also become a depository for minutia as well. Keep this in mind while writing your blog – a little bit of love goes a long way.

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