Copywriting for Your Website

Did you know that writing copy for a website is an art. Engaging the reader, effectively delivering your message while also generating search engine optimization points is where the art lies. Effective business messaging attracts and holds customers, builds brand awareness and explains products and services irresistibly. If you're providing mediocre content and messaging on your website, then get the troops ready for to mediocre results.

I recently learned that the attention span of the average human being is a short six-seconds. So, when someone is surfing the web - its probably a bit shorter. When engaging your website visitor and delivering your message, you need to have a strategy in place.

The tone of website copy is changing, I believe. There is a shift in effective copywriting to the second-person narrative. This is the same approach that Choose Your Own Adventure books, musical lyrics, role-playing games, Do-It-Yourself manuals have been using for years and the web is catching on.

Here is a link to an excellent article in the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine that hits the nail on the head (Click Here). What do you think about it?