Hard Refresh Vs. Normal Refresh

To override your cache and perform a hard refresh, press Ctrl+F5.If you use a Macpress:Command+R.

Have you ever wondered what makes a web browser like Google Chrome so fast? One of the main reasons is because it doesn't always have to load 100% of a given web page's information every time.

Whenever you visit a particular web page, your web browser is designed to automatically store a lot of that page's information on your computer's hard drive in a place called the cache, or: your Temporary Internet Folder. It takes a lot less time for your browser to summon the pieces locally, rather than have to download everything over and over every time you hit refresh.

This technology is pretty cool, as it makes for insanely fast load times on the internet. However, it can to lead to some unexpected, and very frustrating problems if you're not aware of how it works.

When you build a custom website with HDM, we're going to work side-by-side with you, every step of the way, to make sure that your website becomes exactly what you want it to. This means that along the way, we'll be making changes, and then submitting them to you, to be reviewed on your live web browser, seeing it as any other internet user would.

However, if your web browser is summoning old files from your cache to load the web page, then a lot of the changes made may not show up on your screen. And therein lies the frustration. We find this is a fairly common miscommunication that, although can boggle the mind, actually has a pretty simple solution.

Therefore, whenever a change is made to your HDM custom website, it's imperative that you perform a hard refresh in order to view the changes. This means that your web browser is going to completely clear out your cache, and load 100% of the web page's information from the server, as it would if you had never been there before. This will allow you a truly refreshed perspective at your web page.

Whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Internet Explorer, press:

Ctrl+F5, or


If you use a Mac press:Command+R

This will override the cache and force your browser to download everything again. If you're still experiencing problems or inconsistencies after this, feel free to Contact Us anytime.