HDM Success Story: Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association

We recently came into contact with the Home Builders Association of Hilton Head. In our communications, we eventually worked together to shed some light on company goals in the online arena, and thereby isolate certain deficiencies with their current web presence at the time.

They had certain things they wanted to accomplish – things they knew would bolster their brand name, their productivity, and the reach of their message. By making use of the latest web development technologies, we were able to help them accomplish what they needed to for the best interest of their business.

We're not trying to sound our own horns here – that's not the purpose of this post. What we are trying to do is observe some common problems that we find to be shared by many businesses today. What we have here are real life solutions in action.

If you keep reading, you may find that your current web operation shares similar struggles to that of HBAHH. Which, of course, means you could benefit from our respectively applied solutions.

Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association

The Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association is a non-profit professional trade association made up of more than 450 member companies. Their resources, services, and capabilities are extremely far-reaching.

They needed a website that could ultimately portray the combined services, grand in scope, provided by all of the member companies. They also needed a way to succinctly provide the lush amount of information regarding member benefits, for all potential companies seeking to join. Finally, they needed a way to easily maintain communication, not just with the member companies, but for all potential members as well. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Power of an HDM Custom Website

With a member directory this massive, and a collection of information so vast, HHAHBA needed a way to have all of it on hand without running a bulky, unnavigable behemoth of a website. Using the latest web applications, and taking advantage of the functionality that is built into every single HDM custom website, we were able to feed the information directly into the front end.

Thus, we gave the appearance of over 450 individual web pages, while only having to maintain a handful. Now, the member directory can easily be combed by category, or a user may search for individual names. The final product is resourceful for users, easy for the company to maintain, and altogether, not too bad on the eyes.

Finally, we have made their new custom website responsive, meaning it can be viewed across all platforms. For a website that demands information at a moment's notice, this facet of web design becomes incredibly helpful. Rather than having to pinch and zoom on your smart phone, or search for the right button on your tablet, this website is going to look and work beautifully no matter the size – that is, it automatically changes in shape and design based on the viewing device.

The Results

Just a month after releasing our newly redesigned website to the public and to our members, we have seen astounding increases in our member participation and consumer requests.” – Ashley Feaster, Executive Officer for Hilton Head Area Home Builders Association

Aside from the increase in usage, the HHAHBA has big plans for their new online business tool over the next few months – especially since they have just expanded their territory to include all of the Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton counties.

Using the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is implemented into every HDM custom website, they can easily store all of their customer information within a single database. This means they will easily be able to maintain communication with everybody – with the click of a few buttons, all of the relevant parties will be receiving a weekly newsletter. What used to take hours to do, an individual can now accomplish in mere minutes.

Furthermore, the collective can now take greater advantage of exciting events and new memberships, thanks to the E-Commerce functionality of their custom website. Already, this has made it easier for participants to get involved, and make use of the necessary resources. HHAHBA has already seen a positive impact on their bottom line because of this feature.

Finally, it will be easy for this group to stay organized with their efforts over the coming years, now that all of their systems have been condensed into one, comprehensive interface, available from anywhere. Should they run into any snags along the way, they will be receiving consistent updates, assistance, and reliable support from the Hazel Digital Media team.

Take a look at their website, or check out our Portfolio to catch a glimpse of some of our other works. Or, feel free to Call or Contact Us anytime with any questions or talking points you may have.