How To Make Your Website Readable

Here at Hazel Digital Media, we strive to create beautiful, functional websites for our clients. This means not only making pages that please the eye, but also making sure you can easily control the content from within.

A little difference goes a long way with increasing readability – clumsy content can be distracting and jarring, which is obviously not good for your average internet surfer. As you begin to create the taglines, titles, and body paragraphs for your website, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

The Six-Second Rule

The average attention span for adults these days clocks in at around six seconds. Sadly, with the amount of information on the internet, that number is probably dwindling. This is to say: less is more.

Particularly on your landing page, you should challenge yourself to say what you need to using as few words as possible. A good tagline or title should be short and sweet, as should your paragraphs. Try to get your main point across in six seconds or less.

Furthermore, when you take this approach, it gives the web designer more freedom to play with the dimensions. The size of your text is a big factor in readability, and if you're able to avoid clunky sentences, all the better.

No Jargon

It can be tempting to flex your industry experience, but the truth is that uncommon words just turn people off. Many readers will actually end up scanning large blocks of text to get straight to the point – but if they're having to sift through words they don't understand, you can bet they won't stick around for long.

Instead, try to use simple, clear language to explain exactly what it is you do. If you're able to make people understand your industry without using jargon, you'll automatically set yourself apart as an expert.

Relatable Web Persona

When we set out to craft an aesthetically-pleasing website, it's about tapping into the core of your marketing strategies. We want to present the ideal image for your business's online presence. Along with this comes the perfect combination of fonts, colors, and pages.

As you begin to craft the content for your website, ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with it. For most companies, it's about getting new clicks, maintaining user attention, and eventually creating a compelling call-to-action.

A website is most readable and comfortable for new users when it jives perfectly with your current brand. With well-developed ideas, we can work together to create a cohesive design that reaches new people and holds their focus.

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