Importance of Logo Design

Today, there are more businesses trying to sell their services and push their products than ever before. In such a grand sea of competition, it may difficult to think how one may set themselves apart and grab the attention of the consumers who could truly benefit. One surprisingly effective answer to this dilemma is the creation and distribution of a well-designed logo.

Here at Hazel Digital Media, we've had the pleasure of creating numerous logos for a wide range of businesses. We'd like to tell you a little bit about what the purpose of a logo is, how effective ones are created, and ultimately why you ought to have one.

What is the purpose of a logo?

Brand Identity: At the end of the day, the ultimate purpose of a logo is to identify -- to set you apart from competition. Your logo should be representative of your overall brand identity, so that when viewing your logo, what they are actually picturing in their mind are all of the values and benefits your business provides.

Product/Service Recall: Something as simple as a swoosh immediately makes us think of sports apparel, just as something as simple as a giant, golden "M" makes us think of hamburgers. When someone sees your logo, regardless of how simple or complex, it should imediately bring to mind the special aspects of your business operation that make you superior to your competition.

How does one create a good logo?

Logo design has become an art form in its own right. The simplicity of most of the effective logos we observe in our day-to-day lives can lead one to the conclusion that they are simple to create. However, much more effort goes into your average logo than you might initially guess. Here are some things to consider.

Concept: Meaning should be a large contributing factor when coming up with design ideas. What does your logo say about your company, and how does it ultimately draw the mind from the image back to your business?

Versatility: Your logo should be constructed so that it looks good at any size, whether on a business card or a billboard, and it should look good not just in color, but in black and white as well. There is a good chance your logo will appear in black and white often, so if you find yourself relying on color for effectiveness, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

Simplicity: Generally speaking, the simpler, the better. You want a simple image to create immediate recall of your brand identity, and the busier your logo, essentially the harder it will be for consumers to committ the image to their memory.

Why you need a good logo.

Altough a logo does not itself give a description of your products or an overview of your services, it acts as a signature for those things. It is a beacon, meant to stand out, and be easily recognizable in daily life amidst the myriad of other advertisements; it is a signpost in the memory of your potential customers, directing them to you when they find themselves in need. It doesn't matter how incredibly superior your products may be if no one's buying them. If you want to set yourself apart, and ultimately make a lasting impression, a well-designed logo is critical.

Unfortunately, the practice is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, it takes a lot of careful creativity, design experience, and an artistic eye. We encourage you to begin conjuring concepts to what your logo could look like -- you may find yourself having a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

Here at Hazel Digital Media, we have years of experience creativing effective logo designs for companies across the country of widely-varying industries. It's something we love to do, and have therfore committed ourselves to understanding the science and art of. We would love to work with you in coming up with ideas, creating a memorable logo / brand identity, and ultimately helping you to distribute it. Call or Contact Us today to learn more about our Logo Design process.