Is Your Business Website Still Breathing

These days, you can't afford not to have a website. Most people, organizations and businesses have some sort of web presence out there. Alot of them are basically "online brochures" so to speak. Essentially they have information about a company that just sits on the web hoping people will find it and read it. Most businesses get their website up with some information about their company and call it good. Got a website? Check. Now forget about it for years.

The reality is... that's not enough anymore! You need more than just a static website that gives basic information to people. You need a dynamic site that allows for interaction between you, your customers and potential leads. You need a website that's alive with fresh and unique content that keeps them coming back for more. Ask yourself these questions: "Is my website still breathing? Was it EVER alive at all?"

Check out this small business article from Microsoft. We're not making this stuff up! Times are changing and static websites are no longer an effective tool for your company's presence on the web.

If your website isn't breathing, it's time to do CPR. Here are some of the features our online business websites have that can help you attract and retain more customers and keep them connected to your website.