Web Designer Pet Peeves – What Not To Do When Hiring

Web Designer Pet Peeves – What Not To Do When Hiring

At Hazel Digital Media, we've seen our fair share of web design projects—from the sublime to the challenging. Over the years, we've noticed patterns of client behavior that can turn a web design journey from a dream project into a designer's pet peeve. Here's how to avoid these pitfalls and ensure a harmonious collaboration with your web designer.

1. Micromanaging Every Detail

Trust is crucial. Web designers are skilled professionals who know how to translate your ideas into digital artistry. Provide clear direction and feedback, but allow them the creative space to do what they do best.

2. Having a "Just Copy That Website" Mindset

Inspiration is great, but imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery in design. At Hazel Digital Media, we aim to create unique websites that stand out. It’s essential to strive for originality, not replication.

3. Rushing The Process

Good design takes time. Rushing can lead to overlooked details and a less cohesive final product. Patience pays off with a website that's both beautiful and effective.

4. Frequent and Erratic Changes

Changing your mind is part of the creative process, but constant flip-flopping can derail a project. Try to consolidate feedback and be decisive.

5. Overlooking Content Until the End

Content should drive the design, not be an afterthought. Work on your content concurrently with the design to ensure a seamless integration of visuals and text.

6. Undervaluing the Designer's Expertise

When we suggest a certain approach or advise against a particular element, it’s based on experience and knowledge. Your perspective is invaluable, but so is the professional expertise you've hired.

7. Not Providing Content and Feedback on Time

Timely responses and content submissions are essential to keep the project on schedule. Delays on your end can result in a domino effect of setbacks.

8. Expecting Unlimited Revisions

Revisions are part of perfecting your website, but they're typically scoped in the project agreement. Understand the revision policy to avoid surprises and additional costs.


Creating a website should be an exciting and collaborative adventure. By knowing these pet peeves and avoiding them, you're setting the stage for a productive and enjoyable relationship with your web designer. Hazel Digital Media prides itself on a smooth, client-focused design process that leads to stellar results. Ready to start a project with us?Let's create a website that's a joy for both of us to work on.

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