Why Your Website and Blog Should be Integrated

It is common for many organizations to have a company blog. However, many companies have a blog that is completely separate from their corporate website. Meaning, a company will have a website on one domain name (yourcompany.com), then have their blog hosted on a completely different domain and site (companyblog.wordpress.com).

Having a blog is great. A blog is an excellent way to market yourself/your company online. Blogs can engage customers, captivate website visitors, provide a platform to brand your expertise among many other useful marketing strategies.

The bad news is that having a blog that is not integrated into your corporate website essentially waters-down your efforts. Let's face it, Blogging takes time, effort and thought. Time is of the essence, if you're spending the time, you must use proper form to maximize your efforts.

Here are the top 3 reasons why we’d recommend integrating your blog into your corporate website:

#1 An Integrated Blog Creates a Better User Experience

Let's face it, gaining a website visitor is a big deal. There are countless websites and places for our prospects to visit on the web. If that prospect has chosen your site, it is the website owner's responsibility to ensure the visitor has the best possible experience. Keeping the visitor on your site encourages the visitor to explore your site and also helps potentially foster a precious website contact/inquiry.

Keeping visitors on your site is a big deal. This not only increases an important website metric – time on your site – but it also provides an opportunity for the visitor to get to know more about you in a single, integrated place without having to jump about from site to site. The user experience is smoother, less confusing and far more pleasurable.

#2 An Integrated Blog Helps Your SEO Efforts

You may already know that a site that is updated on a regular basis and has fresh, relevant content is more likely to generate better search engine rankings than a static site that is rarely updated or changes.

This is another key reason why integrating your blog into your corporate website is such an excellent strategy for building a strong site. When people search on Google, if your blog is integrated, the blog content appears to be fresh, regularly updated information that Google will recognize.

#3 An Integrated Blog Keeps Your Online Business Streamlined

Managing a website and blog are time consuming tasks, even if they are both integrated. When the site and blog are two separate entities, the process is unnecessarily time-consuming. The chances of both the website and blog staying fresh, when they are not integrated are so much lesser due to the amount of additional effort. Many times, changes are made to one site, and not the other.

We are big fans of platforms like WordPress and Blogger, but these platforms should be utilized properly so that business can maximize their efforts. If your business is experiencing this issue and you need help digging yourself out of this situation, we would like to work with you, contact us today by clicking on this link, or simply call 843.816.1203!