An Overview of Website Navigation

20 December 2018

Web surfers are always going to be an impatient group. If a website is difficult to figure out due to the links are not obvious then they quickly will go away and never come back. Website navigation is always going to be one of the most essential elements in determining the effectiveness of a website.

A web designer must always keep in mind that the fundamental idea of the website and the intended audience while designing navigational elements. Of all the website exist the most of the websites live to either provide information to the visitor about a products or services to actually sell them. With this being true, there are some basic guidelines to follow:

You have to make sure that the navigational elements are going to be intelligently linked by using standard methods and elements of links such as buttons, menus, underlining the text or changing color on mouse and you also need to stay away the temptation to use clever or ambiguous names for links.

If you have opted for entirely different or somewhat different links then expressly inform the audience that this is a link if you design a web page where you want to use a map showing several different regions and want to let the user click on the city name to pull up information about that city. Here you need to make sure that you have informed well in advance to the user to click on the city name to get more information about that city.

You always need to remember and need to follow the basic rule of three clicks that most of the professional web professionals use. Survey and studies have shown that most of the users will not click more than three or maximum four links to get to the required information they want so every page on your website should be reachable within couple of clicks.

Copywriting for Your Website

20 December 2018

Did you know that writing copy for a website is an art. Engaging the reader, effectively delivering your message while also generating search engine optimization points is where the art lies. Effective business messaging attracts and holds customers, builds brand awareness and explains products and services irresistibly. If you're providing mediocre content and messaging on your website, then get the troops ready for to mediocre results.

I recently learned that the attention span of the average human being is a short six-seconds. So, when someone is surfing the web - its probably a bit shorter. When engaging your website visitor and delivering your message, you need to have a strategy in place.

The tone of website copy is changing, I believe. There is a shift in effective copywriting to the second-person narrative. This is the same approach that Choose Your Own Adventure books, musical lyrics, role-playing games, Do-It-Yourself manuals have been using for years and the web is catching on.

Here is a link to an excellent article in the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine that hits the nail on the head (Click Here). What do you think about it?

The Importance of YouTube In a Digital Marketing Strategy

20 December 2018

Question: We all know that Google is the number one search engine. So, who's number two? Yahoo? MSN? Bing? - Nope.

Its YouTube.


Yep. You Tube. In October 2009, 3.7 Billion search queries were conducted on YouTube. ComSource, a source for digital intelligence, translates this into a 31% increase over the past 12 months. What does this mean for business owners?

The time to start thinking about posting your company video on YouTube is gone! It is time to start uploading any form (any good form) of promotional video content about your company to YouTube. You can even create your own YouTube channel for your company. When creating a YouTube channel or posting your video content to YouTube, an essential part of the process is YouTube Search Engine Optimization. Your video content should be tagged with the proper description, titles and tags to ensure that your content is found by your potential viewers.

Website Templates vs. Custom Designed Website

20 December 2018

How much is your company worth to you? How much is a successful company's brand worth? These are two serious questions that should not be taken lightly. Over the past decade the face of technology and marketing has drastically changed. Ten years ago, home computing was just starting to become mainstream. Surfing the web took place on a low tide dial-up connection. Mobile phones were used to pretty much just make phone calls - and you could play Snake on the green back-lit screen. But today, all of this has changed. Computers are found in 80 percent of homes in the United States. Now outfitted with cable and fiber optic connections so we can now surf the web at faster speeds. The annoying dial-up sound we once heard is now history. Today we have mobile devices that offer way more than the simple ability to make calls. We can read the latest up-to-the-minute news headlines, track weather by radar, send and receive email, post to our Facebook page and heaps of other goodies, too many to mention in this blog post, but it all takes place on an amazing color screen - touch screen in most cases.

Let's get back to our original question about successful companies. How much is a successful company's online brand worth? A brand is a piece of your company that sets you apart from your competition. No matter what your competition may be, a smart brand is a key ingredient in a successful company.

Why would a company want to brand their online business with a generic template website?

Website Templates

A website does cost some money. One way to save money when creating a website is to use a pre-designed template. A template is a site that has already been built and is waiting for you to add your personalized content. Kind of like a new house that you have had no say in what it looks like from a design standpoint. You just add the furniture (your content) into the pre-built house (website template).

Pros: Its cheap.

Cons: You pay for what you get. No custom branding.Custom Designed Website A custom designed website, on the other hand, is the most effective way to make a website your own. There is a lot of skill and talent that goes into the creation and development of a good custom website. The first step is to work with a web design company that can learn about you, your company, your services, your products and your customer. Through this process a vision is formed, then shortly develops into your online presence. With a custom design, you have the opportunity to have a voice in the creation of your site. Don't like that color - let's change it to this. Can we center this rather than left justify. Can we increase the size of our logo here. You become a part of the creation process. This will allow for the personality of your business to shine through your website. Pros: Every aspect of the website is crafted for your company.

The primary focus of Hazel Digital Media is to take your online business to the next level. We have no gimmicks. No slick sales tricks up our sleeves. We have a proven system to help you grow your business.

Is Your Business Website Still Breathing

21 November 2018

These days, you can't afford not to have a website. Most people, organizations and businesses have some sort of web presence out there. Alot of them are basically "online brochures" so to speak. Essentially they have information about a company that just sits on the web hoping people will find it and read it. Most businesses get their website up with some information about their company and call it good. Got a website? Check. Now forget about it for years.

The reality is... that's not enough anymore! You need more than just a static website that gives basic information to people. You need a dynamic site that allows for interaction between you, your customers and potential leads. You need a website that's alive with fresh and unique content that keeps them coming back for more. Ask yourself these questions: "Is my website still breathing? Was it EVER alive at all?"

Check out this small business article from Microsoft. We're not making this stuff up! Times are changing and static websites are no longer an effective tool for your company's presence on the web.

If your website isn't breathing, it's time to do CPR. Here are some of the features our online business websites have that can help you attract and retain more customers and keep them connected to your website.

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